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Studio MME Gift Guide 2018

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Happy early Thanksgiving! I hope you have everything ready for the big day tomorrow. I'll be busy making mole today for my international Thanksgiving of vegetable mole tacos and tiramisu. (Yes, my husband and I are weird but we're okay with that and no one else is coming over so it's fine.)

If you're planning on starting your holiday shopping (both for yourself and for others), I put together a little gift guide. This way you can take advantage of the free shipping and charity donation for the Black Friday AND get a few names crossed off your list.

Do you love your hiking shoes more than your work shoes? Enjoy going off the beaten path? I have several National Parks kitsthat are perfect for celebrating big adventures.

Enjoy knock-knock jokes, unicorns, and Harry Potter? You're my favorite type of person. For the kid at heart, there are some adorable animal kits like these One of a Kind Goldfish.

Do you lace up your roller derby skates on the weekend? For the rebels out there, I've got Salty Sailors and Rockabilly Girls. You know you love her tattoos.

Are you a serious crafter who loves to use lots of tiny stitches? You're going to want to stock up on my floral kits then because they're perfect! You'll have lots of lines to cover with beautiful, curving stitches.

Need even more? Why not join the Super Stitchers' Club and receive an exclusive pattern every month. For 2019, I'm all about more elaborate patterns, new stitches (hello chain stitch and stem stitch!), and more options for you to try when it comes to stitching the piece.




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