5 Ways to Use Leftover Embroidery floss


Inevitably you will finish up your embroidery kit and find yourself with leftover embroidery floss. Sometimes it is just a little and other times it can almost be an entire skein. Instead of despairing over where to store your extra supplies, you can now rejoice because I'm sharing five ways you can use your extra thread.

  1. Make friendship bracelets. I did this all the time as a child even though I didn't have many friends to give them to. I was the one in class with an arm full of thread.
  2. Create a tiny quilt. It might not keep you warm in the winter but it will definitely be unique. This quilt is great when you have bundles of leftover thread, even if you have lots of short sections.
  3. Sew a family 'hand' portrait. This is also a great way to chart how fast your kids grow up. What a fun idea for using up extra floss.
  4. Weave. Did you know you can turn an embroidery hoop into a loom? Using your hoop and extra thread is the simplest and cheapest way to try out weaving and it is much easier than you might expect.
  5. Tassels! So easy, so fun, and so versatile, that's all I need to say, right?

Or you could use your extra thread to stitch up one of my designs on Pre-Printed Fabric. Each Pre-Printed Fabric design comes with a stitch guide and the design printed in color right on the fabric to make sewing simple.

Happy stitching!

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