Studio MME named in Country Living list of 100 Most Creative

I can't believe that I get to start 2018 like this but Studio MME was featured in this month's Country Living magazine! Our business appeared in their list of 100 Most Creative for 2018!!! The feature celebrates the 100 Movers and Makers who inspired them. I'm so honored and, like the dignified person I am, I promptly ran around Barnes and Noble with my magazine showing it to random people. I even showed my cat twice at home but both times she looked less than impressed. (In fact, she just put her furry behind on the magazine as soon as I set it down.)

This feature means so much to me because each January I struggle with where to take Studio MME. What new things will we offer? What new opportunities will appear? What new opportunities will we create? This feature affirmed that I've got things under control. We run an awesome business: myself, my husband, and our cat. We have the best fans (yes, I'm looking at you!). And, above all, we're helping so many people find a new hobby that spreads happiness and art.

So with this boost in confidence, you can bet I'm turning up the engines behind the scenes to create something extra cool for you in the near future. Stay tuned!

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