January 2018 Club Options


It's a new year and that means it's time for the club to get even cooler! You've been asking for new stitches, more intricate patterns, more options of how to customize your piece for 2019. Well, the good news is you're getting all of those!

We're starting off the year with this 'HOME' pattern because it will allow you to try out a bunch of new stitches.

Your stitch guide shows off the optional stitches but there are a few more options that you could try and I wanted to share them here with you.

Option #1: Want to keep your piece a little toned down so it doesn't jump off the wall at you? You can outline all of the letters with the stem stitch or the back stitch. This will keep things a bit more toned down and the piece won't jump off the wall at you.

Option #2: Want a popping embroidery? Let's be honest. That magenta is HOT. You can fill in all of the letters with the satin stitch and really make it colorful.

Option #3: Or you can be silly like me and try lots of different stitches. For my 'H' I used the chain stitch as a filler. It took me three rows to do it. For the 'O' I used the stem stitch. For the 'M' I tried the satin stitch. I'm still not the best at it as you can see from the little white gaps. Finally, for the 'E' I used the basic back stitch. 

Want to learn the chain stitch and the stem stitch? I've got a new video up on my How To page that will show you how to stitch them.

Want to join the club and stitch your own exclusive pattern every month? You can find information on the club HERE

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