I'm having a misprint sale!

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Mistakes happen and late last month, my printer mailed me a BIG mistake. At the time, I freaked out, ate antacids, and cuddled my cat while I chatted with the support team to get my order reprinted. Now that the reprint is at my door though, I can celebrate with a little misprint sale for you.

Starting today, I'll be selling slightly off-color kit fabric for half price.If you're a fan of neons or trippy color combinations, get ready to be in heaven. And if you're not, all you have to do is stitch over the lines and you'll never know it was misprinted.

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with these pre-printed kit fabrics except that they aren't true to their color code, and thus don't pass my quality test. But I'm super picky so you might not even notice the difference. Either way, each misprint will be mailed with a stitch guide so that you can properly sew the correct colors, if you want. If you want to jazz it up and go neon crazy, I'll be right there behind you with a big high-five.

Each misprinted fabric has been photographed and the color-change is listed in the description so that you know exactly what color is slightly off.

Check out the misprint fabric HERE.

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