How-To: Embroidered Zipper Pouch


Welcome to Crafting with Megan!

People often scoff when I tell them I'm not a crafter. "How can you not be when you make craft kits for a living?" Ah, yes, you see, I'm like the gym teacher: those who can't do, teach.

This year I want to teach you some fun things you can do with your finished embroidery so every month there will be a Crafting with Megan post where I showcase a new way to use your embroidery. Now, these won't be step-by-step posts. There exist such things as Youtube and Martha Stewart for that. These posts are instead more of a loose guide and a way for you to get a good laugh monthly.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be a great crafter. But it's up there in difficulty for me with wanting to be great at artistic cycling. (Yes, there is such a thing. Check it out!) You see, I can start a project simply enough but then halfway through, Murphy's Law comes into play. I run out of supplies, I run out of ideas, I run out of patience, and in the end my husband has to find the nail polish remover to unstick me from my super-glued project. (And, no, super glue was never a listed supply.)

To start off the new year, in this Crafting with Megan post I'm showing you how to turn your finished embroidery into a zippered pouch. I used the January pattern for the Super Stitchers' Club but you can use any design you like.

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • 9" zipper
  • Two pieces of felt or other fabric, cut to be 9" x 9"
  • Your embroidery cut to 9" x 9"

The first thing to do is pin your embroidery to one piece of the felt. This way it won't move around while you're sewing.

Then start with the other piece of felt and pin the zipper to it. Make sure the zipper faces down.

Now you can use your sewing machine. If you're like me, you first have to dig through a box of accessories and consult a manual from 1950 to see if you even own a zipper foot. Hopefully, you do! Dance around if you do because that's something you never knew you possessed. Now figure out how to put on your zipper foot. If you're me, this involves a wrench and some naughty British words because no one has ever removed a foot on this machine for longer than you've been alive. Once you have your zipper foot on, sew the zipper to your fabric. Make sure you move the zipper as you go so you don't jam your machine.

Now pin your embroidery piece to the zipper. Put your zippered felt down on the table, zipper facing up. Lay your fabric with the embroidery facing down. Pin away, trying not to get blood on everything after you poke yourself.

Sew the embroidery and felt to the zipper. Again, move the zipper so your machine doesn't make scary noises as it jams.

Now you've got your zipper attached to both sides of your future bag. Celebrate! I took a break here to bask in the success that is sewing on a zipper. This is a feat my mother has never achieved so I called her up to boast.

When you come back to finish your bag, all you need to do is pin the two sides of the bag together with the right sides facing each other.

Sew all the way around. I started at the middle of the bottom and went up one side and then the other. This is because my machine couldn't move the needle on my zipper foot so I had to get creative in order to not do hand contortions while feeding my fabric.

Snip off the extra fabric at the corners and then flip that bag inside out! You've done it! Take another break to celebrate and perhaps text your mother to gloat again.

Want a step-by-step video? There are tons of them out there but I used this one from Spoonflower to help me make my pouch. 


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