How to be prepared for creative inspiration with traveling


Sometimes there is no greater inspiration than travel. Yet, there is only so much room in your bag and you've vowed once and for all never to be 'that woman' again. You know exactly who I mean: the lady with five carry-on bags whom you rush to get ahead of when they start boarding the plane to ensure you at least have half of an overhead compartment. Well, crafters rejoice, because I have a solution! 

Instead of hauling all of your thread (because how can you know what colors you will need?), fabric, and hoops, bring a single, tiny hoop. It fits easily in your purse, bag, or even jacket pocket. You can take it wherever you go and pull it out when you see something inspiring. Maybe it's a breathtaking landscape, or a bouquet of flowers, or just a lovely shade of blue. Whatever it is that inspires you and gets an idea percolating, hold up your small hoop to frame it and take a photo with your phone. Voila! You now have a photograph of your inspiration!

When you get home, you can go through your photos and see which ones still excite you. Then you can simply print them out and sketch your design. If drawing isn't your forte, you can also blow up the photo to fit the size you want to sew and print it out. Now tape it to a sunny window. Tape your fabric over the top of the design, centering it appropriately, and trace the design with a tracing pen.

With a tiny traveling hoop, you can be inspired on vacation while keeping your crafting supplies at home and not filling up the overhead bins.

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