Floral Profusion embroidery kit

new release

You might remember this pattern from last September. It was the first design I made for the Super Stitchers' Club and also my first ever floral design. Some of you who weren't in the club tried to get your hands on this pattern by offering money, embroidery lessons so I can learn the French knot, and donuts. I stood firm to make sure club members got exclusivity for this pattern for 6 months. (That was REALLY hard when the donut offer came up.)

But now you can finally get your hands on my Floral Profusion kit!

If you're thinking it looks too difficult for you, I want you to take a deep breath because I'll let you in on a secret: it only uses the same basic stitches as my other kits. That means it isn't any harder than my Hedgehog Party (which I've now had four-year-olds stitch). It just takes a little longer to finish. But that means more movie nights on the couch or less time talking to nosey sisters while visiting family. Both sound good to me!

You can grab your Floral Profusion kit today. 

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