December 2018 Club Pattern Options

For this month's club pattern, I'm giving you some creative control. The patterns were printed grey so that you can choose which color you'd like to put where. The options are endless but I've put a few ideas below based on what my test stitchers and I came up with. You can be extra cool and alternate the colors on the little x's too. That was one thing I wanted to do but chickened out of in the end.

Option #1 - All the x's are green and then the rows alternate colors every two rows.

Option #2 - All the x's are blue and the colors alternate every row.

Option #3 - Objects within each row alternate and the x's alternate color by row.

I'm eager to see how you personalize your cat and dog designs. And don't forget, just because the patterns goes to the edge, it doesn't mean you have to stitch that far.


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