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We love bragging about you. That's why we've started an interview series where we feature some of our biggest fans. We want everyone to get a peek at the amazing work they're doing and be inspired, because they're seriously some of the coolest people we've ever met.

Today we're bragging about Jen (@tentacularly).

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm a bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to creative endeavors. In my day job, I'm an artist and writer for a video game. In my off-time, I love making things, gaming, meme-ing, knitting, and reading books about grammar and true crime. (Also, I use either they/them or she/her pronouns.)

What is your hidden talent?

I'm a pixel portrait artist! I apply classical arts training to reductive abstract images, which is to say I make nontraditional pixel art for funsies.

What is the coolest (or weirdest) thing you have ever done?

Weirdest thing is probably one of my art projects from undergrad. I cut off all my hair, spun it into yarn by hand, and used it for a (very strange) sculpture project. ...I did say it was pretty weird.

The song that's currently in your head?

They Might Be Giants, "Birdhouse in Your Soul"

The book you share with all your friends?

Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language, by Gretchen McCulloch (Check out the book on GoodReads.)

What superlative would you give yourself? (ex. Most Likely to Become a Crazy Cat Lady)

Most Likely to Be Found Buried under a Pile of Their Own Yarn

What embroidery project are you most proud of?

It's hard to play favorites, but I think it's the skeleton fish from the Super Stitchers' Club. It was all metallic thread and silk, so a beast to work on, but totally worth it. 

Inspired by Jen's interview? You can follow her on Instagram (@tentacularly).

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