April 2019 Club Pattern


There are so many ways you could stitch this gorgeous wave motif, which is why I wanted to test out every singe one for you. You can choose one stitch for the entire design, like my test stitcher did above, or you can mix and match.

My test stitcher chose the stem stitch because it's great for curves. I think her piece turned out beautifully. I just want to run my fingers over it, don't you? It reminds me of fingerprint whorls.

Want to try something other than stem stitch? Check out the image below. I tested every stitch for you, using 3 strands of thread for the test.

Want other suggestions? 

  • One of my club members suggested mixing this beautiful Peacock thread from Sublime Stitching with a lighter blue.
  • Someone else suggested chain stitches for the entire piece.
  • Another club member thought alternating the waves with satin stitch would look really cool. (I agree with this idea but after stitching just one wave, I didn't have the patience for more. Ahaha.)

Which way will you stitch up yours? Please share your pictures with me on Instagram (@studiomme). I love to share them on my stories.

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