I'm showing off your work today!

fan work

You constantly amaze me with your embroidery. Every time you share your kit with me on Instagram, I rush to show it to my partner. I'm as giddy as you are about how they turn out. Here is where, if I had children, I'd say it's like watching my kids grow up and go out into the world but as I only have a cat, it's like watching my cat learn how to distinguish between the sound of the treat bag and everything else in the pantry. (Sadly, we're still working on that one. Most afternoons end in arguments between me and the cat about whether or not Trader Joes Plantain Chips are in the same bag as her treats.)

Now that you can put these same designs onto any fabric of your choice with my new iron-on transfer patterns, I know I'm going to see an explosion of creative projects on my Instagram feed. Please keep sharing your work with me using the tag @studiomme.

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