PopLush Embroidery Club FAQ

Club Overview

Can't get enough embroidery? Want to get something awesome in your mailbox every month? Then you'll definitely want to join our club. 

    We don't have a dress code or a required number of times you have to dine in our restaurant. Nope, our club is much cooler than that. Our club is all about getting crafty, which is why each month you get a new embroidery design delivered to your door. For $15 a month you receive pre-printed fabric, embroidery floss, directions, and hours of fun.

    Want to know something even cooler? We know you're itching to get stitching so we let monthly and 3-month members pick out a past pattern for free to tide you over until your first design arrives. 

    Sound good? Join the club HERE


    How much does a club membership cost?

    It's just $15 a month.

    How much is shipping?

    Shipping is included in the price! Huzzah!

    What do I get as a member?

    Each month you'll receive pre-printed fabric, embroidery floss, and instructions. The designs will fit in a 5'' hoop, just like the small kits in our shop. Plus, monthly and 3-month club members get to pick out a past pattern for free to tide you over until your first design arrives.

    I'm a beginner stitcher. Can I join the club?

    Absolutely! Every pattern we design can easily be stitched with the four basic stitches: running stitch, back stitch, split stitch, and satin stitch. However, we also list our next-level-up stitches that you can use in addition like stem stitch, chain stitch, and French knots. 

    I don't live in the US. Can I join the club?

    Of course! You can join the international club HERE. The international club will differ slightly. In order to give you the same free shipping as domestic members, you will receive one package with 3 designs every 3 months. This equals 4 packages a year with 12 patterns in total. So you get fewer packages, but more fun in each. 

    When will I get my first design?

    We ship out all club patterns the 1st week of the month. The cut-off date to join the club and get the next month's design is the 20th. If you join after the 20th, you will receive your first month's design in 2 months. For example, if you join on January 21st, you will receive your first club pattern in March. If you join on January 5th, you will receive your first club pattern in February.

    When will I get my design each month?

    We ship out club designs the 1st week of the month via USPS first class. They should arrive at your door within 5 days. If you don't have your package by the 15th, please email us at support@poplushembroidery.com to let us know. We don't want you to wait any longer than necessary if your original package went somewhere else.

    When do I get charged?

    Your credit card will be charged $15 every month on the 20th. It will appear on your statements as PopLush Embroidery. When you purchase the club membership, you are paying for your first month. All subsequent months are charged on the 20th. 

    I don't see where I can pay with Paypal. Is it not an option?

    At this time, my subscription app doesn't team up with Paypal. But you can purchase a 3-month subscription from Etsy no problem. Just click HERE.

    I have already stitched a lot of your designs. Will these be new ones?

    Yep, all the designs for the club are new. Really popular designs might come to the shop afterwards though.

    What if I don't like the design I receive one month?

    We try our best to please everyone. However, we can't make everyone happy every time. There is no trading/swapping of designs but you do have the option to skip a month. Or, if you like, you can give it to a friend as a present.

    What if I don't have a hoop or needle?

    Not to worry. We sell supplies in our shop so you can stock up on anything you're missing. Find the supply section HERE.

    How do I access my account to skip a month or cancel a subscription?

    You can skip a month or cancel a subscription at any time by accessing your account HERE.

    I have a question you didn't answer!

    Please email us at support@poplushembroidery.com and we'll answer any and all questions you have.