About PopLush Embroidery

We believe that Harry Potter should be required reading, that novelty socks should be daily apparel, and, above all, that embroidery should be as kick-ass as you are.

Because why compromise on what you want to create? At PopLush Embroidery, we’re all about narwhals, neon lights, and roller derby.

Now, we should warn you, our bold kits are addicting. Seriously, your walls will soon be full of eye-catching embroidery. But, hey, that’s cool. That’s what walls were made for: to show off your best stuff.

So put on your crafting pants because this is your invitation to sew something legendary.

What makes our kits so awesome?

Well, when you notoriously flunk your grandmother’s sewing lessons like our founder did, you make sure you design approachable embroidery kits. We don’t want anyone else going through the frustration or embarrassment Megan felt when her French knots turned into rats’ nests and her grandma had to pull out her biggest scissors to chop through the mess.

So how do we make them approachable? For starters, we print the pattern on the fabric in color so there’s no guesswork about what color thread goes where. We give you full skeins of embroidery floss so you don’t run out and have to run to the craft store late at night. And then, even better, we teach you the stitches with our kit papers so you can become a pro in minutes. 

You’re so cool! I want to know more.

Aww, you’re flattering us. We’ll tell you all about upcoming designs, our super fans, and the newest and coolest shops selling our kits. All you have to do is sign up for the mailing list. Or follow us on Instagram @poplushembroidery.com.

We are bold embroidery.

If you are lookig for bold embroidery kits you are in the right place. Sign up to find out more about us.

When did this all start?

Now you’re making us feel old! Because the truth is that we’ve been around since 2012. We started as Studio MME in San Jose, CA, and toured the West Coast for a few years before settling in Washington. In 2019 we were bitten by a neon, radioactive spider and morphed into PopLush Embroidery. Now we’re brighter and bolder than ever, creating embroidery designs that defy neutrals and dainty flowers.

Where are you located?

PopLush Embroidery runs out of a super cute apartment in Vancouver, Washington. Just kidding. Our apartment has tan walls and mismatched door knobs. Yours is definitely cuter. But we are just five minutes from Portland, where eccentricity lives in spades, and we enjoy nothing better than spending our afternoons among the coffee shops, brew pubs, and roller derby rinks.

 Meet the Team:

This is Megan, the founder, owner, and head designer. She loves all shades of orange and has been called ‘memorable’ on many occasions. When she’s not designing embroidery patterns, she’s either riding one of her bicycles, practicing jujitsu, or writing fantasy novels. She can’t wink, whistle, or wiggle her ears. In other words, don’t hire her for a Guy-Ritchie-style heist.

This is Jeffrey, Megan’s partner in all things. After he earned his Masters in Photography, he joined the team as the head photographer, head graphic designer, and junior kit designer. The two met while working at an art museum in college and Megan had to break two personal rules to date him: don’t date co-workers and don’t date artists. Usually breaking the rules is bad, but this time it worked out. When he isn’t shooting gorgeous embroidery photos, Jeffrey can be found riding one of his bicycles, practicing jujitsu, or reading philosophy books. He can wink and whistle.

This is Ady, the CFO (Chief Feline Officer). She’s the cutest member of the team and also the one with the most life experience as she’s an adopted, tattooed kitty mama. She prefers napping to working, boxes to beds, and “Now!” to “meow.” She can’t wink or whistle but she’s been known to huff in annoyance. We’re not sure where she picked up that habit.

Not to brag, but...

Over the years, we’ve been honored to have been featured in Country Living, BUST, Mollie Makes, Conde Nast Traveler, and the Etsy Seller’s Guide. For a full list of our press, you can check out my Press page.

Our kits have also landed in some amazing shops like the Strand Bookstore in NYC, Fancy Tiger in Denver, Gather Here in Cambridge, and Powell’s Books in Portland. For a full list of our retailers, check out our Retailer page.