Stay Home and Sew

Things are...crazy right now. Let's be honest, as crafty people, we're fine spending a night in, watching Harry Potter movies and stitching. But what happens when you run out of things to sew?! I mean, this craziness could go on for over a month! I don't want you to run out of sewing projects and start going stir crazy. You might then decide that cauliflower crust pizza sounds like a good idea or start using toilet paper to make paper flower bouquets. No one wants that. So we're making some of our past club patterns available to everyone for as long as this madness lasts. We'll keep updating this collection with other designs as they arrive and will restock what sells out.

What's in each of these? 

You'll get the pre-printed fabric, thread, and directions. 

Need a hoop or needle? Or want different colors of thread? Check out our supply collection. We've got everything so you don't have to go to the craft store.