Want to know what amazing things you get to create this year?

I know you're itching to get stitching some fantastic things for 2017 so I wanted to give you a little peek into what's coming out this year.

  1. Another year of the Super Stitchers' Club. I've been having a blast designing patterns for club members these past 5 months and there are lots more to come. From flamingos to more botanical designs, there will be lots to stitch.
  2. Botanicals! This year I'll be releasing at least two botanical designs that have already made my club members giddy.
  3. Crafting with Megan. As I mentioned in the last email, this will be a monthly blog post where I show off new ways to use your finished embroideries. (Mostly it's just a time for you to laugh at my crafting skills but, hey, maybe you'll learn something too.)
  4. A fabric line!!! I know that many of you are a whiz at creating outfits, quilts, and things I can't even imagine making so I'm hard at work creating a line of fabric that you can use for your projects.
That's all I can reveal for now but I hope you're eager for a whole year of stitching! I caught a nasty cold while up at the Seattle Gift Show this past weekend so I'm typing this from my bed with a cat on one side of me and a box of tissue on the other. I hope you're feeling better than I am. I'd be busy stitching like you but I can't afford to put my head down or I'd ruin the fabric. Haha.

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