The Blooming Cactus Kit is coming soon!

new release

I know there's still snow on the ground and likely as not you're currently drinking cocoa, but that's exactly why I wanted to release this Blooming Cactus.

It's bold. It's beautiful. And it's anything but a frosty snowscape. In other words, it's perfect.

You may remember this design from last August when it went out to my Super Stitchers' Club. Well, it's finally in the shop for everyone to enjoy now. Have a friend who could use a little sunshine? Need some vibrant colors in your house? Or want an excuse to not talk to someone on your next family vacation? This kit is perfect for all of that! (Unless your family member is also an embroiderer and then you're out of luck because they'll want to talk about stitches and thread counts. No!!!)

Blooming Cactus, as it's aptly named, will be available on March 6th. That gives you time to find the perfect spot for this little guy in your home.

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