Summer releases: Flamingos and sailors

new release

In between outdoor dinners of iced tea and kebabs, I've been working on a few things for Studio MME in secret that will be coming out for your stitching pleasure over the next few months. Since I'm feeling in a particularly good mood (I just came back from a vacation, after all), I thought I'd give you a little peek into what's coming next.

Love beach scenes, cocktails, and bright colors? My Flamboyant Flamingos kits are flying into the shop next month. Want to know something even more exciting about them? They use variegated pink thread! You can go with the flow or be a bit persnickety like me and line up your colors according to real flamingos.

Enjoy a good sale? In August I'll be having a big summer sale to mark the season of sunshine, long days, and outdoor crafting.

Want to know about even more new kits? Well, they won't be coming out till the fall but I will let slip that there's a salty sailor and a bouquet of succulents getting prepped for you.

Oops, gotta go! My kebabs are burning.

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