Spooky Spider club design


We know how much you love Halloween so this month we're releasing a Spooky Spider for the club design.

Want to know how we stitched up our own spider? 

To give the web a more textured look, we suggest a stem stitch. This stitch is usually used for floral designs but it also looks great here. Is there a lot of the web to stitch with just one stitch? Yes. But that's what makes this design so meditative. You really get to settle in and slow down. For the spider itself, we used a satin stitch for its body and a back stitch for the multi-colored legs. Your spider is really going to pop. 

We cannot wait to see your stitched club patterns. Please share them with us on Instagram by tagging us @poplushembroidery or using the hashtag #poplushembroidery. Every month we choose one winner and they get a free month of the club.

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