Our newest crushes: T-shirts with attitude

newest crush

Here at PopLush, we fall in love hard and fast for brands with attitude and good origin stories. We love sharing our newest crushes with you so that you too can find your new favorites.

This month's list is all about t-shirts with attitude. We currently have a thing for:


This Sweden-based company creates the coolest Viking t-shirts, in addition to replica weapons, period clothing, and drinking horns. Our junior designer, Jeffrey, found this gem of a company and fell head over heels in love with their 'Heathen' shirt. Megan is all for the Valkryie shirt. Grimfrost's hard stance against the usage of their imagery or the imagery of their forefathers for white supremacy or racial superiority is also really refreshing. So you can wear their stuff without any doubts. They're just three cool Swedes who love drinking, sword fighting, and kicking it very old school. Check out Grimfrost if you need a little Scandinavian flair in your closet.


We came across these cosmic shirts at a Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. We love the celestial vibes and kaleidoscopic colors. Phiosuwan was started by Rajit Phiosuwan, an artist who moved to the Bay Area from Bangkok, Thailand to complete an MFA in printmaking. She has a wide range of shirt designs from stars to moons to trippy swirls. And did we mention she has screenprints with holographic/gold foil?! We heard your squeal of delight all the way over here. Check out Phiosuwan for your next clubbing shirt.

Tee and Toast

We found this company while in Belfast and Megan let out a squeal of delight. Sadly, they'd already sold out of shirts in her size but thankfully there's the internet! Tee and Toast creates eye-popping, adorably cute t-shirts. Some feature landmarks in and around Belfast, or the Titanic, which they built, and others make puns about gnomes, bread, or avocados. There's just too much to love on their site because they also have mugs, cards, and stuff for kids. Check out Tee and Toast for the person in your life who loves a good pun.

Have a new crush of your own that you'd like to share? Email us at megan@poplushembroidery.com. We'd love to see it because it might just because our newest love too.

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