On Passion & Business - My Interview with Elise Gets Crafty

I had so much fun chatting with Elise of Elise Gets Crafty for her podcast. She interviews wonderful makers and discusses how they started their business and deal with the challenges of everyday life. I'm always scared when I do interviews because I tend to be brutally honest. When people ask me my advice on whether they should start a business or not, it usually isn't an all out, 'Yes, go for it!' Running a business, especially one that centers around something you care about, is HARD. That's why when I saw the response to this chat, I nearly cried. Everyone loved listening to this honest chat on the trials of running a business full-time and juggling work with creativity. I'm so happy!
If you want something fun to listen to this weekend, you can find my interview over at Elise Gets Crafty.

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