Official Cake Tester


February is my birthday month so, of course, I had to stitch up something special. Ever since I saw job titles in the culinary world like 'churro taster' and 'brewmaster,' I decided I wanted one of my own. Starting this month, I'm an Official Cake Tester. You can be one too if you're in the club because you get to stitch up this fun design for February.

For this design, I tried out some new techniques to really play. I used a chain stitch to create a chunky look to the pink frosting. It also helped fill in the space between the red velvet cake layers. I also interrupted the red lines with the blue letters to really make the lettering pop. And then, I just couldn't resist filling in the candle with a satin stitch to add some more color to the top part of the hoop.


As always with club patterns, you can use whatever stitches you prefer. I know some people will be using simple back stitches throughout and others will try something called a long and short stitch. Get creative! You're an official cake tester, after all. You can test anything.

Don't forget the every month this year we're picking a winner on Instagram who will receive a free month of the club. All you have to do is share a photo of your club project (whichever one you're working on at the moment) with us @poplushembroidery. You can either tag us in the photo or use the hashtag #poplushembroidery. We just picked our first winner for January but there's lots of time to win to February.

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