My favorite things to watch and listen while stitching up holiday gifts


It's November. It's November! How is it already November!? Oh my gosh, I have so many gifts to start sewing for the holidays. I'm guessing you're in the same boat. Okay, just breathe. We're going to get through this and we won't even bleed on a piece this year. (Sorry again, new sister-in-law.)

I've been prepping for 'embroidery extravaganza' for a few weeks now and have compiled a list of things to watch and listen to while I sew. This way I don't waste an hour trying to find something every time I sit down.

I thought I'd share my list with you so you can get a good start on your sewing projects as well. So here we go!

Megan's Current List of Fun Things to Sew to:

  1. Will and Grace. I can't wait to watch some of the funniest ones from the series now that Hulu and NBC have released them. I'm such a sucker for Karen because I just love her vivacity for life...and booze... Anyone who thinks that wine in a box is juice is definitely coming to the next party I throw.
  2. SNL. I do have to put my sewing down from time to time because I'm laughing so hard I'm a danger to myself. Weekend Edition is definitely my favorite section and there's a major soft spot in my heart for Leslie Jones.
  3. No Such Thing as a Fish. You already know I'm a nerd. This one will only drive that home for you. This British podcast consists of 4 researchers who discuss 4 fun facts they learned that week. They then share tangential facts, crack jokes, and all around educate you about how weird the world really is. (Did you know, for instance, that elephants can't jump?)
  4. Backstory. This is another podcast but it's more historical in nature. Backstory with the American History Guys looks at current subjects (like their summer show on how Americans take vacations) from the viewpoints of 18th, 19th, and 20th century America scholars. You really begin to see history and culture in a wider sense.
I hope these four picks help you get started on your projects. My list could certainly be longer so if you have a series or podcast that you love, let me know!

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