Let's stop pooh-poohing embroidery.


There's a lot of division in our world right now but the easiest one to mend is between stitchers. It happens nearly every time I attend a craft fair. Someone walks into my booth and tells me that my kits are so simple, they couldn't possibly be bothered to buy them, let alone sew them. Guess what, that's fine! I applaud and am amazed by your skills to sew with a single strand of gold thread. But don't pooh-pooh those who are sewing for meditative reasons, or have never tried it before, or love silly designs over stitching a medieval British tapestry, because it is those people who will be keeping embroidery alive.

Experienced embroiderers seem to forget that if they don't excite others to join their ranks, their skill will disappear with them. It's those who stitch for the sheer joy of it that will pass it on and that joy needs to be infectious. Plus, we all have to start somewhere. We can't just jump to the 'highest form' of our craft. And maybe we'll never make that progression because it's not what we want. That's fine too! We don't all become professional athletes just because we enjoy a sport. 

So stop pooh-poohing someone who stitches in a different way or who likes the old grandma patterns. Maybe they adore cross-stitch (cringe) or thread painting (double cringe). Maybe they only sew tea towels and their home is full of stacks but they still keep going. Just smile and be happy that they're being creative and making something beautiful.

After we've healed the division in the stitching world, we can move on and start arguing about whether you're supposed to use one or two needles with yarn.

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