I've collaborated with DMC to create the ultimate embroidery kit for you.

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You've been seeing snippets of these kits for months and now they're finally ready for you! I can't believe I'm saying this but I've been collaborating with DMC to create three amazing embroidery kits for you. They pair my unique designs with DMC's phenomenal packaging and heritage. I couldn't be happier with how they've turned out!

The first two kits allow you to have the world in your house. I've always had a big love for maps and globes. When I was little, I had a big wall map on the basement wall. Actually, I had about a half dozen of them all told because my brother kept accidentally flooding the basement. But I persevered and kept replacing that map! That's why I knew I had to do a map when DMC first reached out to me. These little cuties have mountains, sand dunes, rivers, and ocean waves for you to stitch. Plus, they're much more durable than the paper maps of my childhood.

In addition to the globes, I really wanted to play with color. Thanks to some ideas from the DMC team, I came up with this adorable (and huge) hummingbird. His body is a beautiful dove grey (or hummingbird grey?) so that his colors really pop. I know this is the one you've all been eyeing in my studio pictures. I hope you're excited now that you can finally stitch him. I know I am!

These embroidery kits are bound to sell out fast so be sure to grab one before they're all gone!

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