Introducing the Quarterly Super Stitchers' Club


We all have these fantasy versions of our lives. For me, it involves a cat who sleeps until 7 am (because who wants to voluntarily get up at 4:40 am, Ady?), daily walks through neighborhoods full of farmers' markets, coffee shops, and high-end thrift shops where rich people donate barely used bicycle jerseys and designer jackets, and an hour a day to paint or draw.

I'm betting that your fantasy version of life involves the time to stitch an embroidery design monthly. Wouldn't that be the life?

Well, for some people in my Super Stitchers' Club, it is their life. They NEED to be sewing all the time to deal with stress, to have 'me' time, and to feel like the awesome, creative people that they are.

But maybe you're like me and, well, life is a bit more hectic. You'd love to finish something every month but with work or school or kids or parents (or pets who act like kids/parents), that's just not going to happen. So you've put off joining the club or dropped out because the patterns were piling up and taunting you every time you walked by them.

You're the reason I made the Quarterly Super Stitchers' Club. With this membership, you get one pattern every 3 months. It's a slower pace but no less fun. Plus, the patterns can't taunt you because even with your schedule, you can finish each one before the next arrives. Worried you might fall in love with a design NOT in your schedule? There's a secret page on my website where you can purchase all of the club patterns.

So if you've been worried about getting too far behind for the monthly club, I hope this new Quarterly Super Stitchers' Club membership is just the thing to help you get in a little creativity each month. Just not TOO much. Because we can't all live our fantasy lives, right? At least not until we retire and then you can be like my parents and move to Maui and complain about things like not enough sea turtles.

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