I'm changing up Black Friday this year.

By now you've already been informed that yes, you ARE coming to Thanksgiving dinner and yes, you're bringing the stuffing. (Not that fancy one from Sunset magazine either with the hazelnuts and organic turkey broth but the stuffing Grandma made with Wonder Bread.) You've also already been hit up by 800 ads for the upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.

I'll be honest: I've always felt a bit sleazy this time of year because I'm out there with all the other shops waving sale signs at you, hoping you'll notice the big, yellow numbers and my awesome, sign-flipping skills. 

I know my kits are 100% awesome and make the best gifts. I know they're adorable and perfect for beginners (like your best friend whom you've been meaning to convert into a craft addict). But I just don't like waving sale signs at you because I feel like these embroidery kits are so much more special than the latest Fidget Spinner or TV the big box stores want to sell you.

I also know giving to charity is important to you, as it is to me. Every year, my family donates to charity for one another. (This practice was only started because my brother didn't like anything the rest of us bought him and my mother claimed she was getting fat from all the chocolates we gave her.) I know this makes my family odd but I know that giving to charity is also on your holiday list along with awesome things you want your partner to have.

So this year I'm combining everything into one big event. You get to give the best gifts with my kits (because, yes, it IS a contest and I want you to win) AND give to charity. Oh, and did I mention that you ALSO get a deal because I'm giving you free shipping for the big Black Friday/Cyber Monday event?

Here's the charity part:
10% of profits will be going to Last Chance for Animals. Choosing a charity is about as hard as picking a puppy at the shelter, so I opted for the charity that helps those puppies along with large cats in captivity, koalas, elephants, and many others. It is the best animal charity for giving the most of every donation to their programs so you'll know that your money will be doing the most good it can.

To recap: you get to give an awesome gift (or receive one) with FREE shipping AND you get to give to charity. I think we have a win-win-win here!

Stay tuned for more news on the big event coming November 24th.

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