Hummingbird Heaven


It's finally here! The May club design you've all been waiting for. By now I'm sure you've already torn open your package and gone, "Ooooh. So pretty!"

This year the club is all about choices and each month I try to help you make the best ones for you. Everyone's different and thus everyone's embroidery is different. I'm just here to point out your options and the pros and cons of each. So let's get started!

For Hummingbird Heaven, it's all about which stitches to use on the flowers. Stem stitch? Split stitch? Back stitch? All of them? I went with stem and split and tried to fit the stem stitch with the curvier flowers. You can see in the photo above how I stitched each flower. You can do the whole thing with stem stitch if you like, but I personally find split stitch easier so I mixed it up between the two.

The other big question is how to sew the darkest grey parts of the bird's eye and beak. I ended up caving in the end and stitching it all with a satin stitch. It took a while but I LOVE how it turned out. However, I recognize not everyone loves this stitch so I printed the hummingbird dark enough that you could leave those areas unstitched and it would still match the thread color.

I know that regardless of how you ultimately sew your hummingbird, it's going to be epic. I really hope you'll share it with me on Instagram. I'm @studiomme. 

Need a brush up on your stitches? Check out my videos over on my How To page.

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