How-To: Painted Hoop


Welcome to another episode of Crafting of Megan!

As usual, this is where you get to see me at my less than crafty self. There's no sugar-coating here. You get to watch me make a big fool of myself over something I'm sure you can do with your eyes closed.

This month I wanted to show you an easy way to jazz up your embroidery for your wall. All it takes is a little bit of paint.

Okay, you may also want some:

  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper towels
  • Something in which to mix paint
  • A hoop

The first thing to do is mix up the color of paint you want. You won't need much since you'll only be covering the outer hoop. I prefer acrylic paint but I know others like spray paint or glittery paint or tempera. 

Now that you have your color, set out more paper towels so you don't make a mess everywhere. My paintbrush fell as soon as I set down more towels. Ugh.

Now you're ready to start painting! Start on the larger sides, smoothing the paint as you go and painting with the grain of the wood.

After a bit, start to paint the thinner edges of the hoop.

I save the bit around the clasp for last because it takes precision. It's a bit like painting your finger nails in that there are two ways to do it: go very carefully and leave some of the hoop unpainted OR paint heavily and wipe off the extra bits before they dry. (I do the latter.)

AND...then if you're me, you realize you've just painted the entire hoop and now can't set it down until it dries. Bother it all!

After the hoop dries (and you can set it down), try out your embroidery in its colorful new hoop. Doesn't it look cooler now?

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