How To: Coaster


Welcome to another episode of Crafting of Megan!

As usual, this is where you get to see me at my less than crafty self while I attempt an easy project I'm sure you can do much better and with your eyes closed.

This month I wanted to show you a way to make use of small embroidery you might have laying around. I'm a very practical person and after my walls are filled, I need to find a use for embroidery.

For this project you will want:

  • fabric for both the front and back of your coaster
  • felt
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • pins

Two layers of embroidery fabric is enough for a more decorative coaster but if you want to protect your wooden tables from water or heat, then you'll definitely want a layer of felt in between them. If you have felt in your home, you're awesome! I didn't but I did find the fleece sweater I bought my cat last year and I cut that up to use instead. (Yes, I bought my furred cat a sweater but in my defense, she was constantly crawling into my husband's sweaters while was wearing them for warmth. It turns out she hates HER sweater but loves being in a sweater papoose or rolled in a fleece blanket like a burrito. Cats.)

The first step is to cut all three pieces of fabric to be the same size.

Now you want to pin the felt to the back side of the backing. This pin is just to keep them together for a moment.

Pin these two to the top fabric right sides together. You can remove your first pin now and leave one side of the coaster unpinned so that you remember to now stitch this side.

Let's get sewing! Start about an inch from the corner and slowly stitch your way around the entire coaster, leaving about two inches on the last side open. This is very important because you need to be able to flip your coaster right side out.

Before we flip it though, you'll want to cut off the corners a tiny bit to make sure you can get a sharper corner later. You can also trim the edges a little bit to reduce the fleece in the edges.

Okay, if you've remembered to leave open the 2" gap, you can use that to flip the coaster. You may need to use a pencil to pop out the corners.

You're almost done!

Now you have a few options. You can be really awesome and ladder stitch the opening closed. Or you can be like me and top stitch the opening. You might want to change out your thread if you have a color that matches your embroidery well. If you would like to go a little bit further, you can top stitch the entire coaster.

Now you're ready to have a nice cup of tea and don't have to worry about leaving a ring.


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