How Studio MME embraces sustainability

As a business owner, I have the potential to make a lot more waste than the average person OR the potential to make a big difference in the world. This year I've made several changes to Studio MME to make my business more eco-friendly.

I know that protecting the planet is as important to you as it is to me so I wanted to share some of my changes with you.

  • My mailing envelopes are now Kraft paper ones. This means that you can recycle them! As an added bonus, they're much sturdier and thus keep your kits safe as they travel to you. I'll be stamping my envelopes with a little 'Please Recycle' message to help you remember.
  • I re-purpose embroidery hoops. I give all of my not-up-to-Studio-MME-standards embroidery hoops to a local non-profit called SCRAP where Portlanders go to make costumes, art, and funky stuff.
  • My scrap fabric is now recycled. I give all of my scrap fabric to a Portland paper-making business called Pulp & Deckle that teaches paper-making classes and helps artists create handmade paper. I love knowing that my waste is becoming someone else's art!
  • Our club packages now ship without the cellophane bag. I always disliked shipping the club packages in plastic bags because it can't be recycled. Without the cellophane, your thread may not be laying flat when you open the envelope, but that's a small price to pay for hundreds less plastic bags in the landfill every month.
I hope that you are feeling just a little bit better now knowing that I'm doing everything I can to ensure that when you purchase a kit or fabric from Studio MME, that we're both doing our part to keep our planet looking beautiful.

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