Fabric patterns now ship eco-friendly

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Over the past few weeks, I've been going over every aspect of my business with a fine-toothed comb. This year will see some big growth for my team and I want to be sure everything is ship-shape first. And when I say I've been going over everything, I mean the big things and the really small and boring things like shipping costs.

I love sending out packages to you but I also feel terrible sending so much packaging material around the world. Yes, I know it's silly to worry about that as a business owner but I worry about a lot of weird stuff so the amount of used envelopes stacking up somewhere is nothing too out of the box for me.

So I did some sleuthing and found a wonderful solution: paper envelopes! Don't worry, I won't be shipping your kits in these. Instead, from now on my pre-printed fabric and iron-ons will be coming to you in a little Kraft envelope. Not only does this save you $2 on shipping (I know, right?! Who doesn't love $1.50 shipping prices?) but the envelope can be fully recycled. 

This means that you can treat yourself to an extra latte because you saved $2 and I can rest easy knowing my imaginary pile of used envelopes will slowly be shrinking.

Check out all of my fabric and iron-on designs in the shop and treat yourself to your first latte from Studio MME.

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