Embroidery is the New Status Craft

Last week I found an article on The Strategist that was too good not to share. At first I was really excited because the title read, "Embroidery is the New Status Craft," and then I just started rolling my eyes and laughing at it.

You can read the article HERE. Try to not start the eye-rolling at the model with a unibrow. (Okay, go ahead and roll your eyes because you KNOW she only pulls it off because she hangs around other models. If you met her in the supermarket you'd go 'What the heyyyyyy?????' and circle round a few times to make sure you saw correctly.)

The article discusses how embroidery is the new hot craft. Apparently a few embroidered sweaters appeared on runways and the Golden Globes and now everyone wants an embroidered wardrobe that reads "Dope" or "Feminist." 

While I have no trouble with any of that, the idea that I'd then, as the author did, go on to embroider my boss's initials onto a tote bag for them and find it 'deeply soothing' sounds a bit out there. I mean, I'm my boss and I wouldn't make myself a tote with my initials and I'd only find it deeply soothing if I'd had a row with all of my other tote bags. (But how could I when I love my IKEA totes?)

I do think that embroidery is seeing a surge in popularity though and that means you're definitely one of the cool kids on the block. You've been rocking this trend since before it was the 'status craft'. You're the elite member of a needlework society, which means you can make things for people you like more than your boss. So keep on stitching and showing the newbies how much fun embroidery can be.

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