Current Crushes: Bold earrings

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Here at PopLush, we fall in love hard and fast for brands with attitude and good origin stories. We love sharing our current crushes with you so that you too can find your new favorites.

This month's list is all about bold earrings. We currently have a thing for:

Saltyandsweet Design

We've been long-time fans of Saltyandsweet Design because it's a Portland-based business. We found Andrea's booth at a local craft fair and snagged several pairs of her earrings. Her work features bold colors and an interesting combination of wood and leather. This makes her earrings super light to wear. Every time Megan wears hers, she gets constant compliments.

Neon Punk

We recently found this Australian company when we were looking for jewelry that screamed PopLush Embroidery. Then we saw these lightning earrings on Etsy and let out a fangirl squeal. Neon Punk specializes in accessories that are loud and proud of it. We love them! And we're totally using these earrings for the photo shoot.

Bird of Virtue

We first met Linnea of Bird of Virtue at a CreativeLive taping and then we kept bumping into each other at the shows in San Francisco. She's grown her jewelry business immensely over the years and we've loved watching her iterations of amazing earrings. This laser-cut pair is even hand-painted! Linnea's new line uses cast acrylic and metallic line work. We know you'll love it.

Have a crush of your own that you'd like to share? Email us at We'd love to see it because it might just become our newest love too.

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