Changes to our club


Every year, we try to make the club even more awesome. For 2020, we're announcing some green initiatives.

  1. We'll now be shipping our club packages in standard, size 10 envelopes (those long white ones business letters come in). This helps us ensure your mail gets to you more swiftly and also helps us cut some costs. 
  2. Our stamps are printed right on the envelope. Again, a tiny change but this does help us cut down on waste. Plus, our cat doesn't get mad at the sticky paper left over from the old stamps.
  3. All of our club designs are now 5". We know that life gets busy and that sometimes embroidery projects pile up. We don't want you to stress over that, so we changed our club to focus on 5" designs. This should help you keep on top of your projects stress-free.
  4. We're having a monthly contest on Instagram for a free month! All you have to do is share a picture of your club stitching on Instagram by tagging us @poplushembroidery or using the hashtag #poplushembroidery. We'll pick a lucky winner each month. Each photo you share counts as an entry.

We've got so many fun designs lined up for this year and we can't wait to share them all with you. There are dinosaurs, succulents, quotes, and campers with plastic flamingos!

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