Chameleon - November club pattern


This month's club pattern is a hide and seek chameleon. My husband has been begging for this pattern for months because he has a total crush on the chameleons at the pet store. Whenever we pick up cat food, he's always over in their section, reading the information cards and trying to convince me he won't lose it. He is NOT getting a chameleon. But he did help make this design.
Our test stitcher went above and beyond this month and added lots of stitches in the leaves to fill things up a bit more. If you prefer to leave your leaves plain, go for it! If you want to fill them in, try some diagonal running stitches or stack them close together for a chunkier look.
The little guy just pops off that green! Gah, I love him so much. Maybe I'll just stick him in our empty fish bowl and see if fools my husband. Hehe.
I hope you have a blast stitching yours. If you have any questions (or ideas for 2020 designs), don't hesitate to email me at

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