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We love bragging about you. That's why we've started an interview series where we feature some of our biggest fans. We want everyone to get a peek at the amazing work they're doing and be inspired, because they're seriously some of the coolest people we've ever met.

Today we're bragging about Tiffany.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am originally from a rural corner of Southwest Virginia, in the Appalachian Mountains. Today I reside in Alberta, Canada. I am sure you’re wondering (as most people do) how a southern girl wound up in the great white north, and it's quite the love story.  I met my husband while waiting tables in a roadhouse on the side of US 23, aka The Country Music Highway. He was working across the mountain in Kentucky but was staying at the hotel adjacent to the restaurant. Now, I knew by face if not by name, just about everybody that walked into that bar. When I first laid eyes on him, I just had to know who he was. I took his order and promptly carded him! The next time he came in, I turned up the charm and even brought him a jar of my mama’s homemade apple butter. The rest is kind of history as they say. We did the long distance thing, and in 2010, I moved across the border for good. It’s been almost a decade and now we have a beautiful daughter, Adaline, and a very spoiled Papillon dog called Spooky Booperson that make our little family complete.

My sister first taught me to cross stitch a few years ago and it snowballed from there. I am exploring hand embroidery and have gotten into making my own patterns. Winters are long here, and it’s the perfect hobby. I plan to branch out to needle painting and ribbon embroidery next.

I am obsessed with paddle boarding. It's hard to image water sports in a place as landlocked as Alberta is, but there are some absolutely astounding lakes in the Rockies. I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences' like when a loon thought my board was a rock and surfaced right beside me. The water was so blue, I could see it swimming underneath me.

I am also into the vintage/pinup lifestyle. I am pretty much “pinned up” every day. My love of dresses has become a bit of an addiction really. The last time I counted I was at 85, not counting skirts. I really feel like myself in my dresses. I love the femininity and the shapes. I spend a lot of time practicing hair styling techniques that are no longer common, like roller and in-curl wet sets. I have done a few pinup contests at car shows too and even won a couple! My next goal is to learn to design and sew my own clothes. I also am an avid collector of Pyrex, a hoarder of “trinkets,” as my husband calls them with disdain, and lover vinyl records.

What is your hidden talent?

I don‘t know if it’s a talent per se, but I have this ability to illicit the weirdest comments from complete strangers. Like one person told me once, “You look like Star Wars." Not a character, just Star Wars. I had another woman tell me I looked like the Goddess from the Ten Commandments. I’ve been called Snow White more times than I can count, I've had a person get legitimately angry at me because she asked to take my picture in the Chicago Airport and I politely declined, and I've had one lady ask me if my hair was wig. I could go on. I don’t know what it is about me, but people just feel compelled to comment. It’s become an inside joke between my husband and I.

What is the coolest (or weirdest) thing you've ever done?

I was on a Canadian morning talk show once. It was pretty awesome. Its called “The Marilyn Dennis Show.” I was a guest for a segment about how hard it is to make friends as an adult. My daughter would have only been about 6 months old and the show flew her and I to Toronto. We got to stay in a nice hotel and my daughter crawled for the first time on that trip. It was surreal and sometimes I can’t believe it actually happened. My family got to watch on the internet back in Virginia and my dad was so proud to tell everyone I had been on TV, even if it was only for 15 minutes. Haha.

The song that's currently in your head?

“Nothing’s Going to Change the Way You Feel About Me Now,” by Justin Townes Earle. But the live version. I’m a sucker for a tortured soul.

The book you share with all your friends?

Fiction – A Fine Dark Line by Joe R. Lansdale. The first time I picked it up, I sat down on a park bench and didn’t get up until the end. It’s a mix of coming of age and a gritty mystery.

Non-Fiction- The Genius of Birds by Jennifer Ackerman. I am endlessly amazed by avian life and this book poses the question of what does it mean to be intelligent and why must we anthropomorphize animals before we can accept their intellect.

What superlative would you give yourself? (ex. Most Likely to Become a Cat Lady)

Most likely to show up completely overdressed. Seriously, I don’t do casual. So if you invite me, I will be EXTRA.

What embroidery project are you most proud of?

This is a hard question. I did a traditional cross stitch sampler on a very small count of linen called “The Pedigree of Honey.” It has a poem by Emily Dickinson on it and it really helped me grow my skills. It was only my second work on linen and it took me almost a year. One of these days I may even get around to making it into a pillow.

Want to see more by Tiffany? Check out her Instagram account.


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