Black Friday Sale 2016

I know you (and your pants) are still recovering from yesterday but I wanted to let you know that my Black Friday sale started today. This will be the last sale of the year so if you've been waiting for one, this is your chance to get some holiday shopping done early. I also released my first ever limited edition kit just for this sale. It's an adorable, 3" snowflake design that will look great on any tree and is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.

I really hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving with family. I spent mine with my husband devouring most of a chocolate cake. (It's very hard when there are just two of you. The risk of cake going dry is real, people!) Over our second slice of cake (okay, maybe the third), we discussed what we were thankful for this year. Health, family, and a crazy cat were high on our list but we also agreed that we were extremely thankful for YOU!

Without you, we wouldn't be able to share our creativity with the world. We truly believe that with each kit we ship, we are helping bring a little bit of love and art into the world. For that, we raise a glass (and maybe the last slice of cake) to thank you.

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