Black Friday preview 2018

I'm so awful at keeping a secret but this one is really good news. Last year for the first time Studio MME gave 10% of the profits from Black Friday to Last Chance for Animals, a non-profit helping both domestic and wild animals. Together, we gave over $100 to the charity!

This year, I wanted to do it again because to me, the holiday season is all about giving. So this Black Friday through Cyber Monday, in addition to you receiving free shipping on every order, I'll be donating 10% of profits to Rancho Relaxo (@boochaces on Instagram if you want to see lots of pictures of adorable pigs, goats in sweaters, and rescued mustangs).

Rancho Relaxo is a non-profit animal rescue organization and sanctuary in New Jersey which focuses on bringing unwanted, slaughter-bound, abused, neglected, abandoned, discarded, and orphaned animals to safety. The donations will go toward winter feed, blankets, medical costs, and new rescue missions.

My partner and I will also be sending a holiday card to one of the animals with our donation. Rancho Relaxo tries their best to photograph the animals receiving their cards and having them read aloud. My partner is smitten with their recent rescuse, a black piglet named Janet, so I'm betting she'll be getting a card. Our CFO (Chief Feline Officer) might get jealous.

I know it's still a week until Thanksgiving but I know that you're likely planning to sew up a kit or two for a friend or loved one for the holidays. I don't want you to panic at the last minute, having your husband drive super slowly down the street where your holiday party is taking place while you stitch the last few lines by the interior car light. I'd rather you be kicking back, drinking Bailey's, and celebrating how you finished a week early.

So start making your Black Friday shopping lists and see how many people you can check off your list. (And if it's just your own name, no one needs to know.)

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