A big question only you can answer.

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I started Studio MME six years ago with the belief that I was on a mission to help people spark their creativity. That turned out to be, well, a bit vague. Over the years, I've gotten more clear on what my work lets you do (relax!), embraced my style, and become more honest with myself about the BIG reason why I'm in this business. (When I started, I was only in this business to pay my rent and keep my husband and I fed.)

But there's one thing I haven't been able to hone in on yet because it's something only you know the answer to and I've been too shy to ask.

What are your hobbies?

I'm guessing you're like me and have about 5 things you love to do when you have free time. I'd love to know what those are! I've been bouncing around some ideas for new products but I wasn't quite sure if you quilt or cross stitch or felt with cat hair (yes, that is an actual thing). Our hobbies are what define us (because you know you'd much rather introduce yourself by your hobbies than your 'job' at a party) and that's why I'd love to know what yours are to be sure I create the coolest kits for you.

So please email me at megan@studiomme.com and share what you love to do!

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