New East Coast Kits are Coming

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Wherever you live, West Coast or East, you have pride in your region. Washington, where I live, gets to brag that it really does have a Starbucks on every corner. New York now has claim to pizza rat fame. Even Minnesota tells everyone about their 10,000 lakes (not to mention their 10,000,000 mosquitos). Every state has their landmarks that locals, and visitors, adore. While I haven't traveled to the beautiful East Coast in some years, I wanted to make sure it was equally represented in my small kit collection.
I asked lots of East Coasters to help me and they came up with a lengthy list of ideas. After months of testing designs and researching the landmarks, I am pleased to tell you that next week there will be three new East Coast kits in the shop.
Curious to know which ones I made?

Since New York City is enormous, and loved by everyone in the country, I knew it needed something equally enormous for its third kit. So, of course, I made the lovely Statue of Liberty. Tall and proud (and a nice teal if I do say so myself), we certainly do love this French lady.
The second city getting new kits is our national capital: Washington, D.C.
Did you know that every year 19 million people visit the capital? With so many museums and monuments, it is no wonder this small district is popular. That's why I knew I needed to add not one but two Washington, D.C. kits to my line. Just in time for the cherry blossom festivals happening all over the country, this little cherry blossom kit will be ready for you to sew. I just love the little glimpse you get of the Jefferson Memorial amidst all those flowers.
The second kit is, of course, the National Monument. It is just too iconic to neglect. Plus, now that it is open again, I wanted to be sure you could fully commemorate your summer trips to the capital.
So in just a few days, on March 23rd, all three of these kits will be in the shop. My partner and I are hard at work packing them up and making sure everything is ready for you to start stitching your favorite East Coast landmark as soon as it arrives at your door. 

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