Our small kits are coming back!

new release

If you've been in the shop lately, you probably noticed lots of things missing. A few weeks back I received news from my embroidery hoop supplier (the only one in the country) that made me break out in hives: my oval hoops would not be available until next February. Aaaaaaaaack! As you can imagine, I went into panic mode, munching on a chocolate bar and weeping such nonsense as to tell my partner we had to shut down Studio MME.

And then I got my game face on and realized this was a blessing in disguise because I could alter the small kits to use a 5" circle hoop.

Not only are 5" hoops more readily available for me but also for you! No more scouring craft stores for the elusive, small oval hoops. Now you can buy the pre-printed fabric or my PDFs without having to worry about how to finish it.

It's been a crazy few weeks as we've been tweaking our small kits to use the new circle hoop but I'm happy to say they'll be back in the shop in just one week!

Still love the oval shape? I'll be offering the old pre-printed fabric at a reduced price next week as well.

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