5 Ways to Fight Stress this Holiday Season


This time of year, I start getting stressed. I mean really stressed. Like, my husband fears I'm going to have a mental breakdown and even the cat deigns to let me cuddle her. But this year, I'm on top of it. I found 5 awesome things that, while they don't make me as stress-free as the flannel-clad yogis who float round Portland, at least help me keep my cookies down. 

I know that it's not quite time for you to feel the holiday stress yet (that will come when you get your assigned dishes from Aunt Muriel for Thanksgiving), but it's coming and I want you to be prepared.

So here are my 5 new cool go-to things when all the poo hits the fan.

  1. Yoga Today - I'm into yoga simply for the weird poses (my husband always walks in during Bird of Paradise) and the stretches where you go, "Wait? I have a muscle there? Why is it so - Ack! Tight!" Yoga Today has the best instructors and videos I've found yet and they have a wonderful, 14-day free trial.
  2. Head Space - This app teaches basic meditation. While my 10-minute meditation generally involves a 2-minute nap in the middle, I love the way I feel after these guided meditations.
  3. Gratitude Journal - Every night, I write down 5 things for which I am grateful. It helps me see just how much I have. Also, what you focus on, you create more of, so I like to go to bed thinking about happy things rather than my worries.
  4. Cacocoa Drinking Chocolate - I promised there would be chocolate on the list. When the weather gets cold, I like a cup of cocoa. But even better is a cup of drinking chocolate. This is my favorite and most intense hot beverage.
  5. Dance breaks to Eminem - I can't explain this one but dancing round my studio like a crazy woman makes me feel so much lighter.
I hope some of these (or multiples of the Cacocoa) can help you when your holiday stress does hit like a two-ton fruit cake from Aunt Muriel.

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