5 Reasons Fall is the Best Season for Embroidery


  1. Let's face it, when the air turns chilly (so chilly that ever your cat no longer demands an open window for her 'front yard patrol duties'), there are fewer reasons to go outside. Of course, there are those leaves in the backyard that need to be raked but isn't that what you had children for? (This was my father's response to most manual labor tasks.)
  2. Your lap is warmer when covered in fabric and thread. Also, those things attract the aforementioned cat, which increases the temperature of your lap even more.
  3. You can use your embroidery as an excuse to sit on the warm spot on the couch longer.
  4. The holidays are coming up and you promised yourself, yet again, that this would be the year you outdo your sister-in-law Denise on the best homemade gift. (I mean, seriously, who makes their own kimchi for each family member?) So you WILL sit down and embroider all twenty relatives a stocking with their initial on it. (Except for Denise who is getting a picture of coal instead. Seriously, homemade kimchi for everyone? Please, Denise.)
  5. Embroidering while drinking spiked cider and eggnog is a form of ultimate sport. Side note: I test many of my designs by drinking a beer while stitching. If I can't tell I was drinking when I am done, then it is a good kit!

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