Pre-Printed Fabric For Crafty People

new release

Inevitably, anyone who is the least bit crafty ends up with thread and hoops and needles coming out of every drawer in their crafting room. (Or, if you're like me, your crafting room is one box on the closet shelf next to the sewing machine.) I know that some of you don't need or even want to look at another embroidery hoop to add to your collection.

That's why I'm now offering my designs as just the pre-printed fabric. No need to cram leftover supplies into bulging drawers. You will simply get the lovely linen-cotton canvas with the pattern already printed on it in color. You don't even have to find your transfer pen! And the best part is: you can choose your own colors. Since your stitches will cover the lines completely, you can let your imagination run wild.

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