Friday Fun Week 24

There's no better day to celebrate unusual, fanciful, and downright interesting things than a Friday. Every Friday here you can find a list of articles and artwork that will make you smile and also give you something fun to talk about this weekend at a party. This week we're all about fabric! While it's summer time and you might not feel like curling up with a quilt, you'll love these airy and fun creative projects involving fabric.
  • Macrame Yarn Garland - Nothing spruces up a blank wall better than a splash of color. I've never tried macrame before but this tutorial makes it look pretty darn easy. I just have to keep the cat away from it.
  • Make Your Own Rope Rug - The only thing keeping me from doing this is that our kitchen is so small, I might as well put a fabric coaster on the floor. But hopefully you have space big enough for one of these fun rugs!
  • Make Your Own Lace Scarf - It's currently in the 90s here but a lace scarf would still look nice for summer date nights. Don't worry, you don't have to learn how to make real lace to create this fun scarf. It just takes a bit of trickery.

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