It's a Hedgehog Party

new release

Hedgehogs aren't always so prickly. Sometimes they put on their party hats and let loose. That's the scene of my newest embroidery kit and pattern, Hedgehog Party!

Hedgehogs are elusive in the wild but I've had two experiences with them so far. The first time I saw one of these prickly guys was when my little brother pet sat for a friend. He thought it would be the coolest weekend ever. Sadly, Sonic (because what else do you name a hedgehog?) never came out of his tube so all we saw of him were his spines. To add to our disappointment, the hedgehog pooped on everything in his cage and ran on his squeaky wheel all night long, keeping my brother up for hours. My second time seeing hedgehogs was in the wild, believe it or not. When I was in Scotland with my fellow art students, we kept seeing these guys all over the gardens. We joked about putting one in our professor's bed but none of us had the guts to do it.

These hedgehogs are a little wild but only when it comes to throwing wild parties with noise makers and party hats. They'll keep you up at night but that's only because you'll be having so much fun. Grab your hedgehog kit in the shop before the party's over.

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