Friday Fun Week 23

There's no better day to celebrate unusual, fanciful, and downright interesting things than a Friday. Every Friday here you can find a list of articles and artwork that will make you smile and also give you something fun to talk about this weekend at a party.
  • Poketo Interview - The Great Discontent interviewed the amazing couple who runs Poketo, a stellar paper and home goods store. The story of how they started their business is both inspiring and downright hilarious.
  • Free Quilt Pattern: ShieldMaiden - Been itching to try your hand at a new quilting project? Sew Scatterbrained is sharing a free pattern for a really interesting quilt design called ShieldMaiden. If I could handle my antique sewing machine better, I'd be all over this one!
  • New Pet Options - This is something my partner would do while giggling like a schoolgirl. If you need a good laugh, check out these new pet options at your local pet store from Obvious Plant.

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