Friday Fun Week 13

There's no better day to celebrate unusual, fanciful, and downright interesting things than a Friday. Every Friday here you can find a list of articles and artwork that will make you smile and also give you something fun to talk about this weekend at a party.

25 Maps That Explain the English Language - I'm a huge nerd and these maps that explain where our language comes from are endlessly fascinating to me. Plus, they're beautifully drawn.

These Are The Revolutionary Women Artists of the 15th through 19th Centuries - It's sad how few female artists are represented in Art History classes. Thankfully you can now say you know ten of them.

On Accentuating the Positive and Embracing the Failure - Craftivism hit the nail on the head with her great post on embracing what is happening in your life. So many people only share their successes online but that's never the entire picture. Instead, let's all share our failures as well and see what comes of them.

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